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Heavy lift

Cranes, lifting beams, gantry beams, spreader beams. Where oversize or heavy lifting is required, our products are suited for the job. With vast expertise in high strength steel, we offer turn-key products, from design till final load tests. This approach ensures a single point, one stop solution reducing the overall risks to the project.

Heavy transportation

For specialists in oversized transportation, an well mentained and adapted road transport fleet is essential. Our concern is to fabricate the customized parts that adapt movers and trailers to each individual project.

Mega Jacking Systems

The products we fabricate are involved in biggest, most challenging liftings, all over the world. Producing for World’s foremost experts in heavy lifting is the guarantee of our quality products.

Off Shore Wind

Leaders in erecting of off-shore wind farms choose us to fabricate the temporary steel equipments used for installation of some of most ambitious projects on the North Sea. When quality, expertise, experience and commitment are the keyes, we are the reliable partner.


We have great experience in building equipments for mooring systems, for all water depths and conditions. Always focused on customer satisfaction, we are prefered as suppliers for our proven and trusted products.

On-site services

Our experienced team provides flexible, responsible solutions for installation/decommissioning turnkey services. Seamless coordination with focus on safety, budget and time schedule.


ISO 9001 – 2008 SGS

Quality drives everything and standards provide the essential tools and processes to ensure it does just that.

EN 1090-1:2009/A1:2011

Regulates the fabrication and assembly of steel structures and is recognized by the Construction Products Regulation 2011 (CPR)

ISO 3834-2:2005

Provides comprehensive quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials. It applies to manufacturing, both in workshops and at field installation sites.


Is intended to make it possible for our company to operate with greater safety awareness and reduce the number of accidents.



Nedmetal was founded in 2000 by Mr. Van Utrecht as a machine building company in Brasov. The company is part of Rometal group, a Dutch fabricator of high quality steel structures, that serves both the on- and offshore industry. Nedmetal is specialized in high tension steel S690, S890 and S960 in particular. In 2011, the growing company expanded with a completely new plant in Cristian, Brasov, with 5.000 mp and complete facilities: cutting machinery, machining center, shotblasting and paint shop, as well as highly skilled workers and engineering support. In our facility we perform fabrication of new confections, repairs, modifications and load tests, with an extensive experience building to code, in accordance with the regulations of the classification societies.


Our team relies on people excelling in various domains. All of us have in common the character strength, the aim for performance and the passion for our work. We believe that the best achievements come with teamwork. Join our team!



We are looking for an experienced engineer in the field of heavy steel constructions (advanced technical drawing knowledge and welding skills/knowledge, knowledge of international standards for welding etc.). The main responsibilities for this position are to coordinate the activity in the shop floor so that the products can be delivered in time to customers and meet the quality standards imposed by the company and the international standards. Another responsibility for this job is to maintain the relationship with the subcontractors for different production processes (mechanical processing, fabrication). Middle English (preferably advanced), AUTO CAD 2 (reading drawings), availability for 2 shifts and result orientation are the minimum requirements to apply to this job.If you are interested in this job, you can apply to e-mail info@nedmetal.ro


We are now recruiting qualified MIG-MAG welders with good skills and experience. They will be part of a high performance team who will fabricate steel equipments in or facilities in Romania, as well as in our clients premises across Europe. Willing to travel and command in English constitutes a plus. We offer a good remuneration package and opportunity to work and grow in a competitive environment, in a growing, stable company. Send us your CV at info@nedmetal.ro


We are looking for experienced locksmiths in the field of heavy steel constructions. The minimum requirements are technical drawing (correct reading and interpretation of a technical drawing (with welding symbols) for the preparation of welding pieces (chamfering), as well as assembling the pieces according to the technical specifications (different drawings for each piece). We also request experience with different tools and equipments (angular grinders, flexes, etc.) These locksmiths will be part of our team that will perform welded equipment both in our factory in Romania and in the construction sites in Western Europe. We offer a very attractive salary package and the opportunity to work in a competitive environment in a growing company. Send your CV to info@nedmetal.ro


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